Community Starts at Home

We see our work as community building: not only are we creating the physical structures where a community can thrive, we're also working hard to empower community members to be the best that they can be, and doing our part to give back.

Community Involvement

It is our goal to not just build within the Philadelphia community, but also to uplift and inspire.  Currently, our focus is on our partnership with Benjamin Franklin High School's CTE Program as we work to launch our inaugural season of the PRDC Internship program.  We are offering qualified students the chance to get hands-on experience working on the nearby Heid Building transformation.  This program will be utilized not just as a launching pad for our own community partnership efforts but also function as a model for other real estate development companies to serve the communities in which they are working.

Invited students can submit their applications here.  A qualified applicant is a junior or senior enrolled in Benjamin Franklin High School's CTE Program who has been identified by school leadership for excellence in academics, attendance, and community involvement.

Business Directory

Our involvement in the community means that we know what the community has to offer—where residents love to shop, the best place to grab a bite to eat, and all the shops and services that keep your life running smoothly. We're happy to share these businesses with you!

Join the Community

Ready to become a part of the Philadelphia community? There plenty of homes for sale or rent. From beautiful homes on large lots of land to trendy downtown condos, the right place is waiting for you!