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About PRDC Custom Homes

By consistently combining stunning design, attention to detail, old-world craftsmanship, and unrivaled customer care, PRDC Properties Custom Home Division has earned its long standing status of a premier custom home builder. PRDC Properties Custom Home Division offers dramatic executive homes; to a modern oasis, to spacious custom townhomes in Philadelphia, to the surrounding area including Montgomery and Bucks County.

Explore the Process

Designing a custom home is no simple process. It takes more than just a designer or a builder—it takes a team. And here at PRDC, we provide you with a full-service and highly-skilled team to help you find your land, design your dream home, and watch it materialize from the ground up. Come explore our home design process and discover what we can do for you.

Get an Idea of What you Want

living room - fireplace

The most important place to start is with knowing what you want, or at least having a general idea. Consider your wants, your needs, and your future plans. How many rooms will you need? What building materials, home size, and style do you prefer? Begin to sketch out your own ideas.

Contact PRDC to Begin

luxury dining room

Before you buy your land or even start looking, contact us. It’s important that you find a piece of land that will work for the home you want, and to do that, you’ll need to work with a professional. We’ll know whether the lot is suitable for building, and we’ll know if any city or county rules or topographic features will prohibit you from building the home of your dreams in that spot. We’ll also know how to work with the land to take advantage of its best features—like the best views and lighting—or how to avoid trees and shadows.

Design Your Home

luxury entryway

Next, you will work with an architect to design your home and create the blueprints from which it will be built. This is where you’ll share your preference for size, style, and basic design, as well as any sketches you’ve created or photos of rooms you like or dislike. Be sure to discuss your budget as well, as this will help you determine which features you’ll be able to afford.

When working with your architect, you’ll consider things like the function and flow of your floorplan, the placement and style of lighting and windows for natural lighting, and many more details of your home. Make sure you spend some time and really think about your wants, needs, and requirements. Blueprints are easier to change than hard construction.

Begin to Build

spacious kitchen

Next comes the building process. Want to know more about what that’s like? Learn more about PRDC’s home building services.

See Our Homes

Curious to know more about what it’s like to design and build a home with PRDC? Visit our portfolio or simply contact us with any questions.