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Chinatown: A Hub for Culture and Excitement

As one of the most vibrant sections of Philadelphia, Chinatown is home to a rich history full of cultural tradition that is found in every restaurant, shop and celebration. Here, you'll encounter plenty of Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Korean influences, as well as some unique Philly flair.

You'll know you've reached Chinatown when you spot the dazzlingly gilded Friendship Gate, which serves as the main entrance to the community. Continue on to discover dozens of eclectic retailers, jaw-dropping attractions, and countless vendors selling authentic street food. And don't forget to check out the annual Chinese New Year celebration, which showcases a colorful lion dance and fireworks.

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Key Features of Chinatown

Iconic Asian flavors

Unsurprisingly, locals and visitors alike flock to Chinatown for its one-of-a-kind flavors. From the moment you step through Friendship Gate, you'll encounter an unrivaled blend of tastes and smells that will surely tantalize your senses. If you're looking for recommendations, start by sampling the iconic dumplings at Dim Sum Garden, one of the most popular restaurants in all of Chinatown. The district's best noodles await at Terakawa Ramen, while Penang is a top-notch spot for Malaysian bites. 

Traditions & cultures

Perhaps one of the most fun activities in Chinatown is simply walking around and soaking in the incredible and authentic architecture of the community. Take a photo in front of iconic Friendship Gate, visit the Hop Sing Laundromat (which is really a speakeasy known for its handcrafted cocktails), or culturally immerse yourself at the Shoe Museum, which shows the history of one of China's most taboo traditions. And for a taste of local culture, try attending the annual Chinese New Year celebration or Lantern Festival.

Chinatown Attractions

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The answer might surprise you! All in all, it depends on your unique situation. That being said, when you buy a home, you're building wealth, investing in your future, and putting down roots in a community you care about.

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