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Fairmount: The Art District

Known as the museum district, Fairmount is home to most of Philadelphia's art museums and collections. Apart from the art, Fairmount is home to incredible restaurants and one-of-a-kind cultural experiences. Discover what this quintessential Philadelphia neighborhood can offer you today.

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Get Cultured

One of the major and most unique events that takes place in Philadelphia, Fairmount hosts a Bastille Day Celebration at the Eastern State Penitentiary. Enjoy a block party full of live music and entertainment while TastyKakes and other Philadelphia treats are tossed from the prison in the crowd. Supposedly haunted, the old penitentiary also hosts ghosts tours during the halloween season.

Taste the City

A melting pot of cultures, Fairmount has an incredible variety of delectable restaurants to whet your appetite no matter your taste or preference. For handmade Italian pastas visit Osteria, or made-from-scratch locally famous brunch check out Sabrina's. Truly, with so many award-winning restaurants and bars in this district, you'll never run out of options for delicious places to try.

  Things to See

Of note in Fairmount is the famous Philadelphia Museum of Art, which apart from housing one of the most prestigious art collections in the world also features the iconic "Rocky Stairs", making it a perfect photo opportunity. Fairmount Water Works also gifts gorgeous views to residents, making it the perfect place to relax on a Sunday afternoon, or unwind with a picnic.

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